From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Mrs. Eugene Wood
The novel wedding described below took place under the lone tree growing on Lone Tree Creek in what is now Custer County. Mr. Eacock was bringing the minister out from Miles City, intending to be married at Stacey. Miss Pier, not wishing to be married at Stacey, engaged a buggy and accompanied by Miss Mabel Hamilton, met them, to the astonishment of Mr. Eacock. As the women had passed the Suepke ranch enroute, Mrs. Suepke had willingly furnished the bride's bouquet.
From "The Independent", by Stacey Correspondent J. T. Hamilton is the following quoted account of the marriage of "Whistling Dick" and Miss Pier. "In a quiet little valley where verdant grasses grow, where nothing save the song of the nearest harvester, the soft summer breeze and whispering cottonwoods could be heard, and where only the restless birds in the branches knew, H. E. Eacock (Sic) and Miss Mae Pier in the presence of necessary witnesses, were united in the bonds of everlasting wedlock by the Rev. H. A. James of Miles City on August 6, 1908.
"The hour, the spot, the marriage itself at the time was almost unexpected by the parties to the occasion. While the whole affair was unique in nature, its secrecy withheld the happy disposal of our number 9 shoes And the distribution of all our rice, which undoubtedly the wedding party otherwise expected at the time of the nuptial knot. While we desire to write a book on the affair and offer good wishes for the happy couple, we will only unite in heartiest congratulations for their future welfare and prosperity that their road will have no stones, and then for all time will be quiet and happy as it began."
Miss Pier was formerly a trained nurse of Miles City, but had been working in the south country. Mr. Eacock had the stage contract between Beebe and Selway.
Mr. and Mrs. Eacock lived in or near Stacey until 1926 when they moved to Glasgow.
The children born to them were Charles, Esther, and Richard, Jr.