From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
Kirk Badgett on favorite horse Baldy
My parents, Lee Sherman and Carolyn (Lower) Badgett, homesteaded on Otter Creek near Ashland, Mont. I was born Jan. 8,1913, at Miles City.
My childhood and early years were spent on the S-I Ranch and the old 0 C. Ranch, where I was taught to handle horses and cattle by my Father, Shorty Badgett, and other old timers.
The winter months were spent in Miles City going to school, all except one winter when I stayed at home and had to ride horseback, six miles to and from school. That winter was very cold and it made me appreciate going back to Miles City and Washington School the next winter. After finishing high school, I came back to Otter Creek and went into the ranching business where I worked with the C B C Roundup Wagon, and two years I worked for the Waggoner, Garrisson and Abbot Livestock Commission Firm at Sioux City, Iowa.
Lora G. Daily and I were married Oct. 6, 1936, at Ashland. We have three children, Mrs Stephen G. (Karen S.) Hamilton, George E. who married Judy Gatlin, and Wallace K.
In 1964 with my brother, Wallace, we purchased the old Kid Anderson Ranch and put them into partnership, and will continue to operate the ranch for as long as we are able.
The most of my life has been spent right here on our home ranch and I have enjoyed all, even to a lot of discouragements that we have had. The life of a rancher is grand and a nice life, considering everything.