From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Mrs. Alvin Howard
Will Howard came to Montana from Texas. He worked for the XIT outfit north of the Yellowstone River from 1909 until it sold out. 0. C. Cato bought the remnants of the XIT and Mr. Howard worked for Cato and lived on the Hatchet Ranch near Fallon.
He married Rose Sheppard from Red Wing, Minnesota in 1910. They leased the Combs ranch in 1933, and moved there with their six sons: Alvin, Dan, Lester, William (Dub), Robert and Ben, who all made good hands and helped them through the depression I the 30's. Five of the boys served overseas during World War II and all came home safely. Their only daughter, Mrs. Essie Rosin, resides in Billings.
Alvin married Eva Gold, a life-time resident of Powder River County. Their daughter, Eva Rose, graduated from the eighth grade at the South Stacey School, as did her mother and Grandmother Gold. She married George Shy of Ashland. They and their two children, Shannon and Dudley ranch on Otter Creek. Eva has taught school in this county for 23 years.
Dan married Marion Lagge of Miles City. They now reside in Billings and have five girls: Danene, Debra, Dixie, and Julie and Janie, twins.
Lester married Norma Combs and lives in Miles City. They have three children: Wyatt, and twinsLynn and Lynell.
William (Dub) married Margaret Shy Gentry. Their children are. Miles, Billie Kay, and Becky. They now own and operate the "Cow County Drug", in Ashland.
Robert married Ingeborg Kelly. They and their five children; Gerald, Rose Ann, Doris, James and Ralph reside on Otter Creek.
Ben married Dorothy Kolka. Their children are Allan and Linda.
The Combs ranch is now leased by Alvin. Hereford cattle, mixed with black Angus, are raised on the ranch. Quarter horses have replaced the Thoroughbreds; and the pheasants are still plentiful, on the creek.