From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Mrs. Howard Merchant
Howard Merchant came here from Hermosa, South Dakota, in 1910, and worked on the Charles Daly ranch for six years. He filed on a homestead in 1912 on a half section five miles northeast of Stacey. His mother and step-father, Nellie and Samuel Cody, filed on the other half, which they later sold to him.
After moving to his homestead he freighted a distance of about 70 miles from Stacey to Miles City, using a four and a six horse outfit and hauling grain, wool, or any freight available. The trip sometimes took went to the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana before moving to Miles City in 1926. Mr. Chesworth started a trucking business, hauling grain, and livestock for Custer County and Powder River County ranchers. When he retired from this business, he was employed as Deputy Sheriff for Custer County under C. M. Allen, Sheriff.
After living in Miles City about 18 years, they moved to their ranch between Olive and Broadus. They raised alfalfa and cattle on this ranch. In 1946 they sold to Roy Bidwell and moved to Trinidad, Colorado. After an accident with a horse in a cattle roundup. Mr. Chesworth returned to Miles City to recuperate. He was employed as a postal employee until his retirement. He died in 1964.
Mrs. Chesworth presently lives in Miles City. Their daughter, Mrs. Frank (Mildred) Cooksey also lives in Miles City. There are eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Their son, John Melvin, died in 1958 in New Orleans, Louisana. He was survived by his widow, Frances.