From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Mrs. Charles Green
Loy J. Green was born in Julian, Nebraska, on June 30, 1900, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green. He came to Montana in 1916, where he fired on the Milwaukee Railroad in Miles City for a time. He wrote to his folks, who were retired in Eastern Nebraska, and told them of this country. They became enthused about it and came out here during the winter of 1916-1917. Mr. Frank Green, his brother, Leo, and son Loy hauled coal from the old Kircher Mine to Miles City for a time.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green took a covered wagon and began to look for a homestead in the area south of Miles City. They met William Isaacs and bought a relinquishment on his homestead. This included a tworoom log house, log barn, log chicken house, a root cellar, and also a milk cow. During this time Loy Green worked for a short period for George Horkan on Little Pumpkin Creek, the place he now owns.
The winter of 1919 was very severe and the elder Green's moved back to retirement in Nebraska the following spring. Loy went to Miles City where he again worked for the Milwaukee Railroad.
He was united in marriage with Evelyn Beckman, daughter of John Beckman, in Miles City in 1922. Mr. Beckman was a harness maker at the Miles City Saddlery. The Green's lived in Miles City and also in Wyoming and Nebraska.
Mr. and Mrs. Loy Green moved back to the homestead in 1927 with three small children. The only live stock they had was a milk cow, a sow pig, and 18 chickens. Their total amount of cash was $43.00. They lived on the homestead until 1930 when they move to the present Charles Gaskill place, just a short distance from the old Loesch Post Office.
The years were very dry; and after several crop failures, it looked as though there would be a good crop in the year 1935. They were just beginning to bind the rye when a terrible hail and rain storm hit. Four head of horses that were pulling the binder were drowned by the storm. Chickens and turkeys were killed and all but two windows were broken out of the house.
Hard work and determination to over-come these hardships finally enabled them to accumulate about seven sections of land. Loy believed the only way to be able to make a success on the land was to build an irrigation system. He built such a system of dikes and ditches with horses, and was able to produce a few good alfalfa seed crops. They also raised Hereford cattle.
They raised Hereford cattle until 1953 when they switched to Black Angus. At one time, Mr. Green was President of the Aberdeen Angus Association of Montana. In 1955, they also began raising sheep.
L. J. Green formed a corporation with his four sons in 1959. The corporation brand is LK on the right hip. This is also the sheep brand.
The Charles Huckins place was added to the holdings in 1959, and part of the Dr. Ivins Estate on the Mizpah Creek in 1960. Gary and Melvin lived on this place until it was sold in 1963. They purchased the Axel Blank place in 1963.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Green, have a home in Miles City and spend most of their time there. Their children are Clifford, who lives at the main ranch and is married to Lyla Roth, daughter of the late Mr. Frank
Roth and Mrs. Roth of Billings, who were former wheat farmers in the Richey area. They have the following daughters: Patrice, Michele, and Jacqueline.
Harold died of diptheria at the age of 8 in 1933. Betty married Jack Hanson, and is now living in San Diego, California. They have one girl, Johna Loy.
Marian died in infancy in 1928.
Charles, known as Sonny, lives at the main ranch and is married to Jeanne Hough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hough, State Highway employee in Miles City. They have the following children: Robert, Mary Margaret (Peggy) and Richard. Charles served in the Army in Korea in 1952-53. He took his G. I. training in mechanics in Miles City and has been ranching since that time.
Gary lives on the old Charles Huckins place (formerly the Henning place). He is married to Beverly Riley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Riley of Miles City, formerly a Knowlton area rancher. They have the following children: Emily Ann, Donna Mae, and Larry Dee.
Delores married Cecil Kolka and has four girls: Melanie, Marlys, Melissa, and Mona.
Melvin lives on the Axel Blank place just over the Custer County line. He is married to Helen Riley, also a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Riley. They have the following children: Dennis, Dixie Lee, and Debra.