From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Buren Bonine
Dan Healy and Buren Bonine purchased the old George Horkan ranch on Little Pumpkin Creek in the spring of 1940 from Arthur T. McIntosh. They were brothers-in-law, Buren having married Dan's sister, Helen. After he and Helen were married, they went into the sheep businss with his brother-in-law, Dan Healy. They were in the sheep business in Wyoming for about three years before moving to Little Pumpkin Creek near Stacey, Montana,
They raised Black Angus cattle and sheep on this ranch. They also began renovating the meadows and planting them to alfalfa as they had mostly grown up to weeds. During this time they were also operating lamb feed lots at Belle Fourche, South Dakota. They operated these until 1944.
At the outbreak of World War II, Dan Healy, being a reservist in the Quartermaster Corps, was immediately called into service. During Dan's time in the service, Buren continued to operate the ranch and feed lots.
In 1947, they sold their Powder River County holdings to L. J. Green.
Dan and Martha Healy now live in Worland, Wyoming. They have three children: Katherine, who works for an attorney in Denver; Mike, who attends college in Whittier, California; and Debra, who attends high school in Worland. Dan operates music stores in Worland, Sheridan, and Casper, Wyoming. He also has the dealership for International Harvester, Chrysler and Plymouth cars in Worland. He also raises Rambouliet sheep, Black Angus cattle, and Morgan horses on a ranch near Meeteetse, Wyoming.
Buren and Helen Bonine now reside in Miles City, Montana, where they have owned and operated the two Western Pharmacies since 1956. They have two children, Kay, who is now Mrs. Robert Johnson of Kansas City, and a son Richard who married Jane Donohoe and has four children. They reside on a ranch in the Pine Hills east of Miles City.