From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Earl Wilson
B. C. Seelye was born in Michigan. He moved to Fairview and Klamath Falls, Oregon while a young man.
In 1916, he and Mr. Pierson formed a partnership and moved to Southeastern Oregon to a ranch on the John Day River,
While still in partnership, they decided to move to Montana and raise alfalfa seed. Mr. Seelye landed in Miles City on March 29, 1923. Here he purchased farm machinery in preparation for planting five hundred acres of alfalfa on the SL ranch, which they had leased at Volborg, Montana.
In 1932, Pierson and Seelye dissolved partnership and later Mr. Seelye leased the Horkan ranch on Little Pumpkin Creek. While on the Horkan ranch, Mr. Seelye raised polled Hereford cattle and registered Belgium horses. He raised crested wheat grass seed and some alfalfa. During the time he had the place leased he built the present barn.
Mr. Seelye was never married and his nephew, George Seelye lived with him for a time and worked for him. Randolph (Buster) Diebel also worked part time for him,
He operated the Horkan ranch until it was purchased by Healy and Bonine in the spring of 1940.
Mr. Seelye then moved to Miles City, where he was in partnership in the Smith Bootery. He remained in Miles City until his death in 1947.