From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Walt Nuxoll
Charley Beckham was born in Kansas in 1880, coming to Montana as a middle-aged man. He worked at various jobs until he got a contract to carry the mail from Miles City to Jordan, in the late '20's. He was assisted by his stepson, George Stroud. After the contract was finished, he leased the George Horkan ranch near Stacey, from 1931 to 1934.
He ran mostly sheep on this ranch, also having a few cattle. While on the Horkan place he built a big reservoir or dam in Little Pumpkin Creek, which at that time, 1934, was the largest anywhere in southeastern Montana. This dam is still in use and the water from it is being used to irrigate farm land by L. J. Green and Sons.
George and Jim Stroud were Mrs. Beckham's sons by a very early marriage in the South, where at that time child marriages were common. She was only 13 years older than George. Jim Stroud and his family of 5 children came here to work on the ranch for his stepfather, Charley Beckham. They lived with Beckhams, and later moved to the Whistling Dick place.
When B. C. Seelye leased the ranch in 1938, the Beckhams moved to Miles City, where they bought a small house, and Charley did odd jobs for a living. Mrs. Beckham, the former Lottie Mitchell Stroud, passed away in 1962, after being blind during the latter years of her life.