From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
Daughters of Montana Pioneers
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Anderson were born in Denmark and migrated to the United States and settled at Sadie, Mont., west of Miles City on the Yellowstone bottom lands. Sadie was later known as Calabar and even later as Sheffield. They settled here in the 1880's.
Nels Anderson was a sawyer and blacksmith by trade. He went into the livestock business here and did some farming and gardening.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson cleared their land and filed on a homestead when the Homestead Act came in. They had the courage and endurance to meet the hard struggle as did all our early pioneers who opened up this country for others to follow.
Here at Sadie Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had seven children, Alma (Mrs. Ernest Sorenson), Anna (Mrs. Marion Roberts), Alfred, Soren, Anina (Mrs. Walter J. Pombert), Ellen (Mrs. Custer Greer) and Dorothy, who died as a child.
Anina lives at Hysham and Ellen in Miles City. Ellen owns and operates Dellas', a ladies ready-to-wear shop. The other Anderson children have passed away.