W. H. (Bill) WILSON
From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Mrs. W. H. Wilson
William Henry Wilson and I, Inez, moved to Powder River County from Lodge Grass in the fall of 1941.
We bought the former Amick place and spent 21 years there. They were all good years for us, the sort of life we both liked. We added the former Pendergast place, and the homestead of Lucille Chesworth to our holdings.
On February 15, 1961, we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary. The reception was given in the Little Brown Church at Lodge Grass by our three sons and their wives: Harry and Kathleen (Carney); Willard and Barbara; and Forrest and Jean. Our nine grandchildren were there.
But time and health caught up to us, and in 1962 we sold out there to Dallas Merchant and moved back to Lodge Grass, where two of our sons farmed.
During the 21 years we spent in Powder River County we saw many changes, from prairie roads to good roads, and nearly all homes were modernized with telephones and electricity.
We have thought many times of the good nieghbors we left behind.
Mr. W. H. (Bill) Wilson passed away in May 1964. Mrs. (Inez) Wilson continued to make Lodge Grass her home.