From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Andrus Tyler
Ed Amick came here from Kentucky about 1910 and filed on a homestead on Cameron Creek. His sister Nora filed on the south half of the same section of land.
Mrs. Ed Amick was a sister of Mrs. "Doc" Evans, who lived just over the hill from them. Mrs. Amick had tuberculosis when she came to Montana. She later died from it, and was the first person to be buried in the Stacey Cemetery.
The Amicks had two sons, Cecil and Merrel, and a daughter Lucille. Cecil Amick married Frances Glenn
In 1922 or '23, and they worked for her mother, Mrs. Bill (Emma) Glenn until they moved to Miles City to work for the Snell Brothers Elevator.
Ed Amick was a carpenter by trade. He built the Riley Tyler house, part of the Horkan and Glenn houses, and the Stacey store and hotel.
Ed Amick sold his land to Bob Sutton, who never lived there but rented it to Ed Walker and Ray Bartholomew. Bob Sutton later sold the place to Pat Graham.