From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Walt Nuxoll
Lee Warren, although quite a short man, was an outstanding bronc rider even in the days when this country was full of good riders. He rode the rough string (horses that were too mean for anyone less than an
expert to ride) for the Pumpkin Creek Pool, and was boss of the Pool for one year. He had also been a round-up cook. For several years he worked at the Horkan Ranch.
He took up a homestead on the land filed on by Robert Nelson. During this time he continued to work for Horkan and stayed on his homestead nights to establish residence. While living there he married Helen Rolfe.
Shortly after receiving the deed for his land, he sold to Riley Tyler in about 1923.
Upon the formation of Powder River County the appointed sheriff, W. E. Sutter, needed a deputy, and his choice was Lee Warren Lee continued with his duties as deputy when Mr. Sutter was elected sheriff in 1921. Lee was successful in his bid for the office of Sheriff in 1923 and again in 1925.
In the early thirties Lee and Mrs. Warren, with their son Ward, came to the Sutton Ranch near Stacey as foreman and cook. There they remained until the place was sold to Oscar C. Woods in 1941.
Ward had chosen an Armed Forces career and was stationed in California at that time. Lee and Mrs. Warren retired there to be near their son Ward's family.
Lee Warren passed away in the middle '50's. Mrs. Warren later moved to Oregon.