From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Ruby Glenn Stebner
William Jay (Billy) Glenn was born at Waco, Texas, Feb. 9, 1870. As a young man he headed west from Texas, going to Volcano, Calif. He came to Miles City from California in the 1890's
He worked on a number of ranches, breaking horses. Among them were the Bow and Arrow, the Ingersol ranch north of Terry and the SH Ranch on Tongue River. He also worked for his good friend, Fred Hitzfeldt, at the SL Ranch. Mr. Glenn also spent one winter teaching school at Stacey, Mont.
Billy Glenn was elected to operate and run the Pumpkin Creek Pool Roundup Wagon for a number of years. He appears in a number of the L. A. Huffman pictures with the Pumpkin Creek Pool, the SL outfit and the SH outfit. He was a member of the Masons and was a Shriner. He also served for a time as a Deputy Sheriff of Custer County.
Mr. Glenn married Emma C. Suepke Dec. 14, 1904. In 1905, they lived on the Horkan ranch where he held the job of foreman. In 1906 the Glenns moved to their own ranch on upper Foster Creek where Billy, his wife and their four children lived until his death July 22, 1918.
The children are Frances Glenn Staehle and Ruby Glenn Stebner, both of Powell, Wyo., William H. Harlem, Mont. and Clifford (Dick) of El Paso, Texas. Both sons spent a number of years in the ranching business. Dick is now a regular contributor of "horse" articles for the Western Horseman Magazine.