From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Hirmay Gilmore
Hirmay R. Gilmore was born Sept. 13, 1896, in Miles City, to Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Nease Gilmore. He married Frances Marie Bard, Mar. 21, 1924, and they had two children, Bard. Minneapolis, and Rowena, (Mrs. Tom Fuller), Long Beach, Calif.
When he was seven he was with his brother, Ralph, gathering saddle horses. He sent him about a mile away to turn some horses and his horse unloaded him and his brother directed him to a ranch about three miles away and went to catch his horse. He got lost and picked out a high hill to spend the night. The next morning a wolf came to the foot of the hill and he got behind a rock ledge and threw rocks at him. When the wolf left he started walking. Soon he saw a house near some trees on the creek bank, it belonged to Emil Prahl. He knocked on the door but he wouldn't open it until he told him who he was. His wife and baby were with him. About ten o'clock a man came there looking for him. He was about seven miles from where he started.
One day he came upon a wolf just sitting there for a horse to come past him so he could hamstring him. About 100% of the horses raised had a wolf bite on them. The gray wolf was very common to this area and being an animal of superior intellignece he would isolate or corral horses in a natural pocket; then as a horse would pass by singly he would bite his hamstring or great tendon of a hind leg. Thus the horse couldn't run and would immediately become a fresh meat dinner for the wolf. Many horses carried a large V-shaped sear above the hock of their hind legs that had been bitten by a wolf and failed to cut the ham-string and the horse escaped.
About 1905 the LU outfit shipped some saddle horses up from Texas. They were turned loose that fall and two of them got in the wild bunch and were in that bunch until 1917. Smoky Nichols' outfit ran them for three days. When the two old saddle horses saw the rope corral they headed for it and were gentle when caught. They had all the running they wanted.