Recollections of Old Milestown was published in 1918 by Samuel Gordon, Miles City, Montana.

Along about 1910, when the rising tide of immigration was surely and rapidly submerging the early-day residents, the Yellowstone Journal printed a call for such action on the part of those concerned as would result in the formation of an Old Timers' association, and to that end a roster was opened at the newspaper office and persons interested were requested to call and sign.

As a result the signatures given below were obtained. Eligibility for membership was fixed at residence here before the coming of the Northern Pacific railroad, which was in November, 1881.

Some six score signers on the list, which was the best that could be done twenty years after the event, and there were scores of others, veritable old-timers, too, who were barred by the eligibility date, which had for its chiefest significance that it marked the date when the discomforts and vicissitudes of transportation, overland or by river, was changed to "rolling in" in a padded car over a smooth track. That was a good-enough reason for the eligibles, but it is also the reason why the association idea never was realized. There was an evident incongrulity in excluding men from membership who had lived through the exciting years that followed '81. The list follows:

1876, June -- J. M. Sipes, W. J. Kirley, H. C. Thompson, Jas. Coleman, Mrs. Frank Casey, Chas. Austin, Paul Borchardt, Sam O'Connell. July -- Chas. F. Kelly. August -- W. F. Schmalsle, G. M. Miles, Henry Hogan.

1877, January -- W. S. Snell. February -- Ben Johnson. April -- W. H. Bullard. May -- Jas. McGraw. June -- Frank Connolly, Mrs. Elizabeth Ware, Jas. Hogan, Jas. Kennedy. July -- Isaac Crabtree, Job Crabtree, Jack Hawkins, John Darcey, Jas. McEvoy, Patrick McEvoy. August -- M. Hurley, Mrs. M. Hurley, W. J. Dunnigan, Carlina J. Dunnigan, Mary Dunnigan, Natt Flynn, Peter Curry. September -- Ed. Flynn, Wm. Strong, D. J. O'Malley. October -- C. S. Young, Robert Johnson, Mrs. Wm. Dominy. November -- Dan Levalley, Jas M. Buckner, G. W. Dearing. December -- O. O. Whalen, Jas. Haywood.

1878, May -- Mrs. Wm. Bement, Mrs. K. H. Keenan, A. W. Keenan. June -- Mrs. Laura Zook, Mrs. F. Brown, Mrs. George H. Ulmer, W.E. Savage, G. A. Brown. July -- Gertrude Hollinshead. August -- Bill Hawkins. October -- T. E. Hammond. November -- J. L. Buck.

1879, February -- Frank Wilson. April -- George Jausauer. June -- John Bohling, -Mrs. Jas. Coleman, John S. Truscott. September -- John McDonald.

1880, February -- Mrs. F. A. Stein. March -- N. P. Sorenson, Mrs. Lucretia Sorenson, W. N. Haynes, Mrs. W. N. Haynes, P. Haynes, Ella Haynes, Chas. Haynes. April -- T. J. Thompson. June -- Jasper Straight, S. G. Hotchkiss, Mrs. Margaret Mackenzie, Mrs. Anna McLean, Mrs. Kate Perham, Mrs. Margaret O'Neill, A. G. Mackenzie, F. W. Mackenzie, Sarah E. Thompson, Mrs. Sarah McKay. July -- Mrs. Sarah E. Maples, E. R. Maples, C. L. Riley, John M. Holt, B. K. Holt, H. Vander Goerek. August -- S. Fred Cale. October -- A. H. Swerdfiger. November -- C. W. Wilson.

1881, February -- S. Gordon, C. B. Towers, Frank G. Sorenson. April -- J. D. Cameron. May -- Mrs. W. E. Savage, Fred Orschel, Mrs. Ed. Flynn, John Leonard, Mrs. T. E. Hammond, R. Fritz, Boxchlan Fritz, Fred Fritz. June -- Albert Kircher. July -- Jos. Eichhorn, Mrs. Jos. Eichhorn, Arthur C. Eichhorn, Mrs. R. E. Campbell. August -- A. N. Hotchkiss. September -- Wm. Gordon, Marion Gordon, Chas. Oxford, Abe Cahn, B. H. Edwards, W. S. Rolfe. October -- H. W. McIntire, Mrs. Rozella Harrington, Mrs. Mildred Clayton.