Recollections of Old Milestown
Recollections of Old Milestown was published in 1918 by Samuel Gordon, Miles City, Montana.
S. G O R D O N

Who Compiled These "Recollections" and Who For 33 Years Was Editor of The Daily Yellowstone Journal at Miles
Some years ago, a half a dozen probably, a few of the old timers met by appointment to discuss the desirability of collecting and reducing to some form of permanent record, the, fast fading scenes and incidents of the early days of this community. [More...]
WHOEVER attempts the story of early days in Milestown, must spin his yarn around Main street, where ninety per cent of the incidents dear to the memory of oldtimers occurred. Unquestionably Main street should have been given a more appreciative title, but [More...]
MILESTOWN has had several eras, each marked by its own peculiarities and intermediate intervals when the new vogue mixed with the old. First we had the military condition, for the exemplification of which the town was founded. [More...]
IT WAS the incoming of the railroad that called the turn on our primitive life and introduced the manners and customs of the older civilization into our little world, deflating or inflating the currency -- we never could decide -- which, for while it gave to the [More...]
Writing of only forty years ago, in this age of rapid development, is writing very close up to date, in so far as history is concerned, but in the individual life it seems an almost immeasurable gap between then and now. Many who were then full of life and hope [More...]
Along about 1910, when the rising tide of immigration was surely and rapidly submerging the early-day residents, the Yellowstone Journal printed a call for such action on the part of those concerned as would result in the formation of an Old Timers' association [More...]