Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Did You Know?
That as far back as 1879, newspaper items indicated that the development of Miles City was not dependent upon the coming of the Northern Pacific Railroad, but that the Milwaukee road and the Northwestern were both ready to "make a dash" for our fair metropolis. That was at the time when the Northern Pacific route had not been definitely decided upon to follow the Yellowstone river from Glendive west. There was considerable talk that the road might be routed from a point west of Glendive westerly so that it would traverse the Judith Basin.

And, how many of you readers ever heard that the first lady barber scheduled to make her appearance in Miles City was heralded by Chris Hehli, who in 1880 was known as the King of Barbers here in Miles City. It is not recorded whether she made her appearance or not, but the "king" let it be known that he already had more than 200 customers lined up in anticipation of her arrival.

And how many know that the houses on the streets in Miles City were not officially numbered until 1908?

Or, that it was not until January 1909 that electric current was furnished in Miles City in the day time?