Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Early Day Cab Drivers
This week we would like to ponder on a few of the folks who have been cab drivers in Miles City. No doubt there are a good many folks still alive who can remember when Baldy Bement, Charley and Ed Hatch, Levi Simpson and Charlie Cobden, better known as "Phonograph Charlie", were fellows who sat on the raised seats on the hacks and guided the horses to the correct addresses here in town. And no doubt there are many who will remember Tom McNaney with his team of bays, who usually gave his customers prompt delivery to their destination even to the extent of "scaring the wits" out of most of his fares, especially those of the fairer sex. For when you gave Tom the job of hauling you around Miles City, he did not linger long in getting you to your destination--he just set his team off on a full run for wherever you asked to go. We will venture, however, that not a person living in Miles City today who will remember Jerry Duane, who operated a "hack" line in Miles City in 1879. He is the same person who circulated a petition addressed to Commandant Miles for permission to establish a transportation line between Miles City and Keogh. It was stated at the time concerning this venture that Mr. Duane was in possession of a fine hack which had cost him $1200 and also had a comfortable spring wagon which he proposed to utilize in the venture should the petition be granted. He contemplated carrying passengers to and from places between Miles City and Fort Keogh, and the article in the newspaper stated that it was hoped that this great convenience would meet with the necessary official approval. The embryo "M. R. C." did not materialize, however, as the petition was denied for the reason that the operation was not a military necessity.