Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
One North Miles City Lot Still in Private Ownership
During the past few weeks we have been relating the manner in which the city acquired title to the Municipal Airport, and last week related how the city was obliged to bring a condemnation suit in order to obtain the title to the original airport site. This was for the reason that the land had been platted into lots and blocks and sold out by some promoters. The original site of the airport took in just a little more than 160 acres. It is the south end of the tract which is fenced in. The whole 320 acres had been platted, but the city did not acquire the entire tract through these proceedings. The balance went to tax deed mostly and was acquired by the Calvin Investment Co. and the county with the exception of one lot. There is still one lot up there within the airport fence which is in private ownership and on which the taxes have been paid regularly. This lot stands of record in the name of Gertrude Nash of Bainville, and the taxes are paid by Mrs. Roland E. Hall of Sidney, Montana. This particular lot is located near the north end of the airport field and lies in that tract between the original airport and Hiway 22. The city has acquired additional land to the end that they now have approximately 1385 acres in the airport holdings. Some of these days, we will give you the story of the management of the airport from the date of its inception.