Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Some of Miles City's First Hospitals
The dictionary defines a hospital as an institution in which patients or injured persons are given medical or surgical care. Although our first hospitals were not like our present day ones, they still came within this definition. The first hospital to our recollection was operated in the two story house at 1117 Leighton Boulevard and Knight Street. This property is now owned by Frank Pluhar. It was around the turn of the century that Mrs. John Darnall owned this property and took in anyone who needed medical care and nursed them. The property was sold by Mrs. Darnall in 1902.

The next place that was operated as a hospital was a large, two story house in the 500 block on South Lake Avenue, being the same lots on which the residences of Bryce Richards and Nels O. Bakken are located--the building used for hospital purposes having been dismantled. Two doctors, W. W. Andrus and L. C. Bruning, purchased the property in 1903 and operated it as a hospital for a couple of years, selling it in 1905 to Robert L. Anderson and his brothers of Ismay. The first county-operated hospital was in the building at 617 North Prairie, now owned by Edward Sherman. This building is the old First Baptist Church building that was built in Miles City in the eighties located on the present site of the Baptist Church. It was moved by the Calvin Investment Co. in 1908 to its present location on Prairie Avenue and remodeled for hospital purposes. The county rented it from the Calvin Investment Co. and entered into some agreement with the Milwaukee Hospital Association for its operation.

While the dictionary definition of a hospital does not include anything about romance, romance seems to be as much a part of a hospital as the care of the sick and wounded. As an example of what we mean, there is living in Miles City today a couple whose romance started in the Darnall hospital, which we have mentioned, and who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary not too many years ago. We have been told on good authority that in the Darnall hospital, the dining room table was used as an operating table.