Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
The Old Northern Pacific Passenger Depot
We wonder how many folks recall the third building at the site of the Northern Pacific depot. There was the Northern Pacific passenger depot, just about where the present depot stands, and there was the Northern Pacific freight depot on the right of way on the east side of South Sixth Street, and there was a small building which stood just east of the passenger depot. Perhaps some of our readers remember the old depot, but it is our conjecture that you have forgotten the small octogonal-shaped exhibit building. The Northern Pacific displayed various kinds of crops raised in the community in this building, and the passengers, looking from the trains, got a pretty good idea of what we could raise in this locality.

It was the custom as a diversion for folks to go down to the station to see the trains arrive and depart, especially during the day. We were shown a couple of kodak pictures recently of scenes taken at the depot. In one of these pictures is a group of local people consisting of Tom Butler, Allie Holt, Corma Ireland, Marion Gordon, Ada Bennett, Mrs. Leo Harmon and Grace Ireland, all standing about this miniature exhibit hall. On the other picture are: C. B. Towers, J. B. Collins, "Skew" Johnson and George Farr, all prominent business men of that day, standing by the tracks, awaiting the arrival of the train. The possessor of these pictures stated that her parents denied her the privilege of joining the young crowd who "met the train," a fact she regretted very much at the time.