Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
The Custer County Automobile Club
The Custer County Automobile Club was organized here in Miles City in 1913. At that time there were 161 automobile owners in the county, of which 40 were members of the club. The membership fee was $12 per year and the purpose of the club was to improve the conditions of automobile travel. At that time Highway No. 12 was called the "Yellowstone Trail". It did not turn off just east of town, as it does now, but it continued on down the Yellowstone, through Terry and then about half way to Fallon, turned to the right and went through Mildred, Ismay, Westmore, Plevna and Baker into the Dakotas.

The Custer County Automobile Club determined that it should assume an active part in perfecting that portion of the "Trail" running through Custer County, particularly the 10 miles extending from Miles City to Tusler. At the organizational meeting of the club, there were four committees appointed, besides the executive committee. These four committees were: Traffic Laws, Tusler Road, Membership, and Road and Trouble. The county commissioners attended this meeting and agreed to supervise the work on the Tusler road, furnishing the necessary tools and equipment to finish the road after the club had graveled it. A special committee was appointed to interview the property owners along the road to Tusler and ask them to contribute labor and teams for the improvement of the road. It is interesting to note that there are now but seven persons living who were listed as members of this organization, and five of these reside in Miles City. Those now residents here who were members are: Jules Arnold, Tom Shore, Ed Horkan, George Farr and Carl Calvin. The other two living members are: Russell Wiley and Claude Cole.