Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Annual Breakup

It is about that time of year for the ice in the rivers to break up (this story was published March 3, 1956) and it should be interesting to observe the dates on which our rivers have gone out over a period of years. William Strong, a prominent stockman in this vicinity, who lived for many years at the south end of Becker Lane, just south of Miles City, recorded these breakups from 1881 until 1915, with the exception of a couple of years. From his record, it is noted that on several occasions, the rivers broke up, froze over again, and broke up the second time. The following dates are from his table:

1885--Feb. 5 1902--Feb. 20
1886--Feb. 7 1903--Apr. 2
1887--Mar. 15 1904--Mar. 8
1888--Mar. 15 1904--Mar. 30
1889--Mar. 10 1905--Mar. 3
1890--Mar. 21 1906--Mar. 27
1891--Mar. 18 1907--Feb. 14
1892--Mar. 10 1908--no break
1893--Jan. 1 1909--Feb. 20
1893--Mar. 10 1910--Mar. 3
1894--Mar. 1 1911--Mar. 8
1895--Feb. 25 1912--Mar. 27
1896--Feb. 25 1913--Mar. 24
1896--Mar. 20 1915--Mar. 29
1897--Mar. 20