Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Strevell Street
For the past two weeks, our stories have been about Miles City's streets and we promised to tell you where Strevell Street (not avenue) is. There are many streets in Miles City which have been named for early day business men, stockmen and army officers who were at one time stationed at Fort Keogh and became identified with the business and social life of this community. Hubbel Street is named for James B. Hubbel, a partner in the Broadwater, Hubbel & Company, early day traders, whose place of business was on Main street between Forth and Fifth Streets. This firm was in business before the advent of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and shipped most of its merchandise in by bull team. Their trading post was known as the "Diamond R". Gordon Street is named for Sam Gordon. Mr. Gordon came to Miles City in 1881 and was employed at the time by Broadwater, Hubbel & Company -- later becoming the publisher of the Yellowstone Journal. Two streets in Gordon's Addition are named William and Marion -- these were named for "Billy" Gordon and "Babe" Gordon (whose true name was Marion). Woodbury Street is named for Charles J. Woodbury, who had considerable investments in the community. Knight Street was named for William D. Knight, one of the early publishers of the Yellowstone Journal. And now as to Strevell Street -- the plat of Schmalsle & Ulmans Addition to Miles City designates the continuation of Eight Street, north of the Milwaukee tracks, to be Strevell Street.