Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
More About Miles City's Streets
Last week our story was about EIGHT Street. This week, we'll tell about some other streets in town. There are streets named for two oceans, three principal rivers in the middle west and three outstanding presidents of the United States, besides others which are named for folks identified with early history of Miles City -- and some not so early. For the oceans, we have Pacific Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. For the rivers, there are Mississippi, Missouri and Yellowstone Avenues. For the presidents, we have Washington Street, named for the Father of our country; we have Lincoln Street, named for one of our most beloved presidents, and then we have Roosevelt, named for local interest -- we have Strevell Avenue -- named for Judge Jason W. Strevell, an early day attorney in Miles City. Judge Strevell practiced law in Miles City for many years until his death in February, 1903. He homesteaded a tract of land on the east side of town, where the Veterans' Hospital now stands -- in fact his residence was right in the middle of what is now Wibaux Park. It is not generally known, but besides Strevell Avenue, there is also a street named after the Judge. Where that is -- and it is in Miles City -- we'll let you ponder until we have another story about Miles City's Streets.