Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
More Cars we Missed
We are indebted to Frank Spears, prominent north side rancher and former County Commissioner, and to Harry Horton, retired merchant, for most of the factual information on this story. Frank reminded us that we had not mentioned a man by the name of Dixon who sold Kissel cars and who had his place of business in the building which now houses the city garage. Even Shade Tree Bill does not recollect this man Dixon. Frank used to drive delivery wagon for the Shore Newcom Company and had for use in that capacity two 2 cylinder White trucks, equipped with hard rubber tires. You can imagine some of the difficulties he encountered, especially as there was not a paved street in town at the time -- and when the spring break up came -- but why mention that, when nearly all our streets are paved today and the deliveries are made with 6 and 8 cylinder jobs on pneumatic tires.

Harry Horton reminded us that when he operated his butcher shop, he had two Republic trucks, each equipped with hard rubber tires, and said the reason he had two was so that he would be sure of having one in running condition at all times.

And there was another make of car here in use -- The Jackson. There was only one that we knew of and that was owned by Calvin Investment Co.