Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
"Fill'er Up" -- 1910 Style
Filling a gas tank on the early automobiles was quite different from the easy manner in which the job is handled today. The first gas pump in Miles City was located in the Heren Brothers' garage at the corner of 5th and Pleasant Streets -- the second was in the Myers & Lindeberg garage, which is now the City Garage. These pumps pumped one gallon with the twist of a handle -- then you reversed the handle or crank and pumped another gallon -- all hand power too. The first auction sale of cars was put on by the Calvin Motor Company in 1926, and was held on the site now occupied by the Montgomery Ward store. The sale was not a success.

The oldest dealer -- that is, in terms of years in business in Miles City, is J. P. Johnson. J. P. started business in the building opposite the site of the Presbyterian church, and now occupied by Chuck Walters. A close second to J. P. was Jule Acker, who is now retired. Jule put in a little less than 30 years as a Nash dealer.

As Ross Calvin recalls it, the first battery shop in Miles City was operated by George Chaffee and was located in the old Schmalsle building which stood on the site now occupied by the Boutelle Garage.