Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Later Automobile Dealers

Last week we told of the first automobile dealers and the cars they sold. We mentioned one dealership, that of Adams & Cranston, but could not recall the make of the car they represented, but our friend George Berg has since supplied us with this information -- they handled the Chandler. Then also, in last week's story, we did not give Ross Calvin Sr. credit with furnishing us with most of the information. We are indebted to Ross for the "backbone" of these automobile stories. To continue with the dealers from where we left off last week:

Starting with 1919 and up to 1925, we had

  • Bert Shuey - with Ford
  • Brown, Wiley & Johnson - with Chevrolet. Johnson afterwards acquired the entire dealership and continues to this day.
  • E. C. Owens - with Oldsmobile and later with other makes
  • Jule Acker - with Nash - and others
  • August Nergaard - with Hudson
  • Ashley Heren -with Buick, and
  • Lahr Brothers - with Willys-Overland.

After 1925, there were:

  • J. R. Calvin - with Ford and Lincoln
  • C. B. Calvin and Ed Love - with Ford and Lincoln
  • Love Motor Company - with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury
  • Miles City Buick Company, composed of Ross Calvin, Sam Stewart and Russell
    Wiley - with Buick
  • J. R. Calvin & Son - with Buick Pontiac and Oakland - later with Dodge and Plymouth
  • Miles City Motor Company - with Chevrolet and other General Motor cars
  • John Kuilman - with DeSoto and Plymouth
  • Jule Acker - with Nash
  • Frank Thibault - with Star
  • C. E. Walters - with Chrysler and Plymouth
  • Lou Nimbar - with Reo
  • Northern Motor - with Studebaker and Packard
  • John Klamm - with Packard

At the present time - we have such a wide awake bunch of dealers in town that we are sure that everyone interested in a car has been contacted by each of them and know who they are.