Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
The Town Herd
An institution, which has long been forgotten, played quite a prominent part in the milk supply of Miles City during the 90s. In that period there may have been one milk wagon roaming the streets of Miles City and distributing milk, but the major supply of milk for the people in this town was from privately owned milch cows. These cows were kept in the barns of their owners during the winter-time, but when spring came and the grass began to get green, it was necessary to make provision for their care outside their own premises This is where the town herd came in. The town herd was usually run by a young fellow just out of high school who had, as his help, several volunteers. During the period mentioned, the property now comprising the High School Addition and Bender's Addition was fenced by a man by the name of Henry Bender, the fencing forming a sort of an ell. It was behind this fence, to the northeast, that these cows were taken and looked after during the daytime, for the most part. At that time there was but one residence on the entire island, including what was then known as the lower island. These two tracts took in all that land north of the old Tongue River slough. There was at least 125 cows in town and, in the morning, this town herd operator would go over to the vicinity of Eagle and Mississippi Avenues and pick up his first cows and start them north. One of the helpers would work from each side and bring in the cows to the main drive, and when they were all thrown together, they would be taken to whichever place was determined best for the time being. The operator had very little trouble getting helpers, for he usually furnished the horse for the helper to ride, and what boy does not like to ride a horse? These cows were held on the grazing ground during the day, and in the evening, the operation was put in reverse, with the helpers distributing the cows from the main herd while the operator took it back through town.