Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Miles City's First Night Clubs
It was during the era after the passage of the Volstead Act that the first nite clubs made their appearance in the vicinity of Miles City. There were two of them in our immediate vicinity. Which one was established first, we have no record. One was called the "Green Lantern Inn" and was situated on the road to the cemetery, just opposite the present residence of George Baber. It was housed in an old log structure which might have been the original dwelling house on the old Dick Kelley ranch. The property was owned by Lizzie Drake at the time of the operation of the business, but there is no record of her having been interested other than as landlord, and, at times, caterer. A party by the name of Smith operated the club for a while and it was a popular rendezvous for those who did not have a regular "bootlegger", or who might want an evening's entertainment following a chicken dinner. The place, or the management, became involved in some sort of a dispute with others who were engaged in the dispensing of such merchandise, and the result was that the building was "bombed" and practically destroyed. This was about the same time that an automobile was "bombed" on North Seventh Street early one morning.

The other nite club was called the "Yellowstone Club", and was operated for a time by one Belle Wade. At the time of its operation, Haynes Avenue extended north from the rise of the hill east of the cemetery North to the Yellowstone River, crossing both the Northern Pacific and the Milwaukee tracks. The Yellowstone Club was located about a half a mile north of the Milwaukee tracks on Haynes Avenue and faced west. The land afterwards passed into the hands of Nick Nigro and was subsequently purchased by its present owner, the Holly Sugar Corporation.