Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
The Buffalo Nickel
Several years ago the Jordan Tribune published an article which should be of interest to all in this community. This article stated that few persons know how the buffalo on the nickel had its living counterpart in one killed on the Little Porcupine in Montana. This was said to have been one of the finest specimens killed in this western country. It was stuffed and mounted, and still stands in a New York Museum of Natural History. Artists employed by the government used it in designing one of the most publicized coins in the vintage. Jim McNaney, buffalo hunter and frontiersman, is credited with having killed the monster buffalo. W. T. Hornaday, famed naturalist of New York, who visited this section in the nineties, procured the head and hide for mounting. This was the story published.

The Jim McNaney mentioned operated a ferry across the Yellowstone River at the present bridge site for a number of years. He had a brother, Tom McNaney, who operated a dray line here in town. Tom always had a good team, usually a span of bays which would run away at the drop of a hat. The McNaneys lived on North Fourth Street after Jim turned the ferry over to his successor.