Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Early Day Custer County Post Offices
Shade Tree Bill queried us the other day as to how many readers of the local paper we thought had ever heard of the following early day postoffices in Custer County, and where they were located. In glancing through an issue of the Yellowstone Journal published in 1895, he told us that he had run onto mention of these offices: Boyle, Sadie, Etna, Hutton, Etchetah, Cutler, Franklin and Muddy. He states that Boyle was approximately where the Bastian ranch is, about 20 miles east of Miles City, on the Powderville road; Sadie was just a few miles west of the west end of the Milwaukee Bridge across the Yellowstone, west of Keogh; Etna was about 18 miles up Tongue River; Hutton near the head of the Rosebud, Etchetah up on Froze to Death Creek, north of Forsyth; Cutler, about 12 miles up Tongue River, about where the Tongue and Yellowstone River Irrigation District's dam is located; Franklin, near the head of pumpkin Creek, and Muddy was on the upper Rosebud. Shade Tree reminded us that Custer County was rather a sizeable county in 1895, extending considerable distance west of Forsyth on the west, to the Dakota line on the east, to the Wyoming line on the south and about 32 miles north of Miles City on the north. He also stated that there were but four post offices listed for Custer County in the latest postal guide: Miles City, Ismay, Locate and Volborg.