Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
"Word Picture" of Old Town
Few word pictures of "Old Town", as the first Miles City is generally referred to, have been found. As most of you know, Miles City was first established and located on the banks of the Yellowstone, opposite to where the Crossroads Inn is now located--in fact, the lands upon which the Crossroads now stands was a part of the land that was platted into lots and blocks to comprise "Old Town." In 1877, one of the editors of the Bozeman Times made a trip from the Gallatin valley to Miles City, and in the issue of the Times of January 10, 1878, he recounts his experience and describes the different communities and stopping places encountered on this trip. Of our own community he says:

"Miles City justifies, and must receive more than a mere passing notice. It was located last year by the approbation or General Miles and the approval or the War Department on the military reservation at Tongue river, and has been built to its present dimensions in less than a year. It fronts on the Yellowstone river, which is deep at the shore and a fine steamboat landing. The largest class of boats can run up to this point at all seasons of the year, except when there is ice to prevent it. The Buffalo Rapids, twelve miles below, is the only obstruction to the navigation; and these can be crossed with ease by boats having good power. The streets of Miles City are laid off parallel to, and at right angles with, the river. The lots are of convenient size and shape, and the blocks are of a proper size. Most of the buildings are (of necessity) there being no lumber when built) log cabins; but, as saw mills have lately been built to cut lumber at a convenient distance, these cabins will soon be replaced with good frames, when the town will present a splendid appearance. As it is now it is alive and rustling with business men who are of the kind to make a prosperous town. They are the most energetic we ever saw, and success is plainly written on their foreheads."