Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Miles City's First Chamber of Commerce
An interesting account of the first operations of a Chamber of Commerce in Miles City is found in a History of Montana, published in 1885. The authorship of this history is not known definitely, but credit is general1y given to a party by the name of M. A. Leason. At the time of the writing of this history, the organization of business men which is usually called a Chamber of Commerce was called the Board of Trade--and this is what Mr. Leeson has to say about it:

"This association of business men was instituted March 5, 1883. At a meeting held in the Metropolitan hotel that day a temporary organization was effected by calling John J. Graham to the chair, and naming George M. Miles, secretary. A committee consisting of Messrs Graham, Dr. Burleigh, C. W. Savage, Van Gasken, McClintock, McElrath and Gordon was appointed to prepare a scheme for permanent organization and draft by-laws. At the same meeting a permanent organization was effected by the election of John J. Graham, president, William Van Gasken, vice president, Sam Gordon, secretary, and C. W. Savage, treasurer. This list was subsequently supplemented by the election of Messrs. McClintock and Oxford, second and third vice presidents, respectively. On May the 8th, scarce two months from its organization, the members of the Board were called upon to mourn the loss of their first president, John J. Graham. William Van Gasken was unanimously elected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Graham, and Mr. James Basinski was named as vice-president. For the first six weeks of its existence the board met by courtesy of Mr. Charles H. Gould in his hall, and about the l5th of April, they took possession of their present quarters over Savage & Sons' store, where meetings are held every Tuesday evening at eight o'clock."