Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
How Pumpkin Creek Got Its Name
We have heard several stories as to how Pumpkin creek got its name, but while browsing in an October 1883 issue of the Yellowstone Journal, we ran onto a new one, which we will quote for you:

"The best information on the origin of the name of Pumpkin creek, we obtain from the county surveyor as follows: At a point near Mr. Daniels' ranch, about sixty miles up this creek, the letters forming the pumpkin are proportionately cut and well connected by the sinuosities of the creek. From the top of a butte near this point a bird's eye view brings these letters distinctly cut to view, not unlike a huge sign whose letters are a quarter of a mile long. Additional information to which the surveyor could not vouch, is to the effect that an officer of the army attached to an observation party belonging to General Custer's command, observed these letters from the same point of view, hence the name Pumpkin creek."

Wish we were younger, we would like to do a little exploring to see if we could find the butte referred to. If any of our readers know the location of this butte, Shade Tree Bill would like to be advised.