Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
More Names of Montana Places
According to the Montana Almanac, recently published by the University Press at Missoula, the Gateway City, Glendive, was named for Glendive creek, the creek being named by Sir Walter Gore, an Irish sportsman who visited the vicinity on a hunting trip in 1856, because it reminded him of a stream by that name in Ireland. Harlowton, county seat of Wheatland county, was named for Richard A. Harlow--the builder of the Montana Central (or Jawbone) railroad. The town was originally called Merino. Plentywood, county seat of Sheridan county, was so named because in early days a considerable growth of small timber existed along the banks of the creek where the town now stands. Big Timber, county seat of Sweet Grass county, was named after the creek by that name, which flows into the Yellowstone just east of the city, along which large cottonwoods grew. Pompey's Pillar--that small town on the eastern edge of Yellowstone county, was named after a nearby isolated rock 200 feet high, a landmark which had been named by Captain William Clark in 1806 for Pomp, Sacajawea's son. McCone county was named for Senator George McCone of Dawson county for his work in having the county created.