Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
The First Conveyance
The first conveyance recorded in Custer County was dated July 2, 1877 and was filed for the record on July 3, 1877. John McCormick was then county clerk. This conveyance covered one log house or shack situated in the town of Miles, Custer County, Montana Territory, together with a lot 20 feet by 165 feet of lot 3 block 2. This property was situated in what is now generally known as "Old Town" or "Old Miles City." Old Town was situated on the north side of the tracks opposite the present site of the Cross Roads Inn. There is no record that steamboats used to have a landing on the Yellowstone at the north end of Old Town, but the lore has been handed down that such was the case. In many of these early day conveyances, the description of the town was "Miles" - "Miles City" - "Town of Miles". Some of the conveyances listed the contents of the structures on the land conveyed -- there was included hotels, dance halls, billiard halls, saloons with liquors and cigars, restaurants, a brewery and equipment. One of the principal streets was evidently "Casey" street, as many conveyances describe property facing on that street.