Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Duke's Mixture
To-day's story will be rather a "Duke's Mixture"--and by the way, how many of you readers ever heard of "Duke's Mixture"? How many of you know where Piety Flat was? Another question--do any of you remember hearing the word "Y-Tic-Selim", and if so, what is its derivation? Then another poser for you--when was the first Fourth of July celebration held in Miles City--or do you know what the net indebtedness of Custer County was in 1879?

Now answering some of the questions--any old time cowhand will remember that Duke's Mixture was quite a competitor of Bull Durham in the days when a tailor made cigarette was a rarity. And where was Piety Flat?--well that nice stretch of road how known as the Hathaway Flat was originally known as Piety Flat. Then--try spelling Miles City backwards and you will come up with "Y-Tic-Selim"-- and "Y-Tic-Selim" was the name of one of the best celebrations ever staged in Miles City--this event was staged in September, 1906--and never a better time was had for two days by the inhabitants of Miles City--we'll try to give you complete coverage on this celebration at a later date. And--the first Fourth of July celebration was held in Miles City in 1879. The net indebtedness of Custer County in 1879 was $9,977.93 from information taken from the statement of T. B. Wilson, County Clerk of Custer County at the time, and submitted to the Board of County Commissioners.