Dusting Off the Old Ones was published in 1961 by W. B. Clarke, Miles City, Montana.
Reporting in 1880

To-day's story will consist of a number of items taken from the local press some seventy-five or more years ago, and which are rather intriguing as well as colorful.

The first taken from an issue dated January 31, 1880:
Saturday night a slight row occurred in one of our saloons between Judge Carland and Judge Garlock about some slight matter in dispute, words waxed high, and finally the two judges pitched into one another and attempted to wipe up the floor of the saloon--friends interfered and peace was restored.
The next is taken from an issue dated November 13, 1880:
Joe Prince, his dog and team, created quite an excitement in the neighborhood of the Journal office Thursday evening by running away and smashing Mrs. Anderson's boarding house sign and lantern. The matter was adjusted satisfactorily, and Mrs. Anderson returned to her domicile in a quieter frame of mind than when she appeared upon the scene. (We wonder how many remember Joe Prince--as a reminder he was a Sadie bottom rancher).
And the last one is taken from the Christmas issue, 1880:
Tape Worm Charley and Bob Gibbon, from Piety Flat, came down to have some fun with the boys.

Such was the profession of reporting displayed in the early eighties.