Places to ride off-road
Posted by GVC (+515) 13 years ago
Jason wrote:

"Hey, I'm new in town and very interested in meeting some people to ride with. When I say ride, I mean just about anything with two wheels.

I have a road bike that I don't mind getting on for up to 30 miles or so (working my way up). Usually head out and try to keep about a 15-17 mph average on flat terrain so you know if we would be compatible.

Love to ride my VFR Interceptor and am looking for someone that wants to go check out the Beartooth Pass or...... LOVE the twists!!

Day rides are great but I also have some hard luggage I can throw on and do a couple days if needed.

Just got into dirt bikes. I'm riding a KTM 450 xcr w. I was surprised to see that you have to drive a little ways to ride around here. Really need some folks that wanna go out and show me the places you have found.

Me: 38 yo male, here for a couple of years to take part in the nursing program. Previously a
Paramedic / FF back in Oregon.


See below
Posted by GVC (+515) 13 years ago
I don't live in MC anymore, but here are some good places to ride off-road near the old town:

Signal Butte: Should ask permission-but if you stay on the roads and don't bother the cows it is a good place to ride.

Strawberry Hill Recreation Area: Has a nice overlook to park and eat a sandwich.

Cap Rock Road: Go out towards Kinsey and turn north on the "Old Cap Rock Road". This is a two-track area that turns into a gravel road that you can take over to the Terry Badlands.

The old Milwaukee road grade towards Kinsey and then East along the north side of the Yellowstone River.

Keep in mind that a few locations are private and that you may need to ask for access, but I haven't had problems receiving permission.

Any other posters have other areas?
Posted by Bob Netherton (+1893) 13 years ago
Is the area behind Spotted Eagle still open?
Posted by Kacey (+3159) 13 years ago
It's a nice ride if you head out Valley Drive East. Stop and see the river about ten miles out.
Posted by GVC (+515) 13 years ago
Or come ride with us---
Posted by Wendy Wilson (+6165) 13 years ago
I'll help you out, sweetie.
Posted by GVC (+515) 13 years ago
Billings Motorcycle Club may help out as well.