Book Review: "Adventures In Yellowstone. . . ."
Posted by Hal Neumann (+9965) 12 years ago
M. Mark Miller, ADVENTURES IN YELLOWSTONE: EARLY TRAVELERS TELL THEIR TALES (Globe Pequot / Two Dot Books: 2009), Pages: 272.
ISBN-10: 0762754141
ISBN-13: 9780762754144
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In Their Own Words: New Book Collects Recollections Of Yellowstone's Earliest Visitors
By Mike Gerrity
August 1, 2009

From a 19th century Easterner's perspective, Yellowstone National Park was a place where bears wrestled for sport, bands of Indians jumped visitors without hesitation and geyser burns were frequent occurrences.

Thankfully, these visitors wrote it all down.

M. Mark Miller's new book "Adventures in Yellowstone: Early Travelers Tell Their Tales," brings together 12 stories of near death and discovery. All of them are told by the people who lived them - from a mountain man trying to find the words to describe the geysers and paint pots in 1839 to a travel writer's first-class treatment in the park's luxury hotel in 1904. . . .

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