Resources For Troubled Teens?
Posted by Jessica (+28) 17 years ago
I know that we have Rimrock in Billings, but it has a long waiting list, and I know a child (teenager, really, but he acts like a child) that is in desperate need of some serious help (for drugs and alcohol and other such things), and they've been waiting for 4 months now to get into Rimrock. It's still going to be a while. All of our local resources have basically said there's nothing they can do with him... do any of you know of any other resources, even if it's not in Montana? Any thoughts would be appreciated.....
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+18248) 17 years ago
Posted by Duncan Bonine (+290) 17 years ago
If you're unable to find anything locally, this is an excellant program.
Posted by Salli (Scanlan) Starkey (+236) 17 years ago
Teen Challenge is a nation wide program with a 90 some % success rate.
I think you have to be 18. It is a voluntary (you have to want help), pay if you can, Christian program. It was started in New York helping gangs and has grown to cover the country. I'm sure they are on the web somewhere. (I don't have time to look right now)
They might have a link for younger kids.

Don't give up!
Posted by murrayskeeter (+1) 12 years ago
Turning Winds Academic Institute is one of the top resources in the industry. They offer a structured alternative school environment where troubled teens can grow and learn to make the changes necessary for a successful life. Personally, I feel that this is a better alternative because the environment is such that the teen is able to learn to make correct choices in a healthy and positive way.
Posted by Sheri (+228) 12 years ago
Look into the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. They are located on the campus of the college in Dillon, MT
Posted by Bill Freese (+481) 12 years ago
Never been there myself, but a former student of mine is now working at Turning Winds and is very impressed with the program.
Posted by Jeff Denton (+753) 12 years ago
Please give Montana Academy near Kalispell a chance. They are good people.
Posted by renitahert (+42) 12 years ago
You can always go to Billings clinic in billings i do know they have a kids unit up there. They do mental and drug abuse and there shouldn't be a wait.
Posted by Chief (+8) 12 years ago
There are dozens of resources, many actually for a community of our size, in the Miles City area for teens. So please use caution when using terms such as all and everybody.
We have a program and contract in place with the local mental health center to provide evals, assessements and outpatient treatment free of charge to youth and their respective parents. Typically we receive our referals from law enforcement but we are able to take informal referals from the schools and parents alike.
Just a note of clarification on the "waiting list" situation as well. There is usually a waiting list until payment is addressed, this is simply a filter most of the time whether the placement is to be covered by Medicaid or private insurance.
Please feel free to give your friend the information below.

Youth Court Services
EOC Building (Courthouse Annex)
1010 Main Street
Miles City, MT 59301

We cover seven counties so even if they live out of town they may still fall within our jurisdiction. Rememeber, it is confidential and FREE.

Thank you

Matt Phillips