12th Planet opens card room
Posted by Kacey (+3159) 12 years ago
For all of you poker playing fanatics...12th Planet in Billings is leasing some of it's building to a couple of 27 year old guys to start the Billings River Club which is a card room.

I googled the guys and here is the post from Christian's my space page:

I grew up in Eugene Oregon, but traveled all over the world smashing the dreams of small children at the MTG table. I have since matured minimally, still travelling, though now, playing at the poker table where I enjoy smashing the dreams of grown men; winning money, cars.

So..if you want a 27 year old to smash your grown men dreams, stop in. RIGHT.

Sounds like Rimrock Mall is going to have more problems. I miss the old Montgomery Ward tire center! It just sat there quietly.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6014) 12 years ago
So there's going to be six cars parked there on a nightly basis instead of four?

I'm surprised the place is still open. How I miss the old Dos Machos.
Posted by Dan Mowry (+1437) 12 years ago
He grew up in Eugene?

I'll bet the cards are made from hemp.