need to contact Joe Fredrickson and / or Tony Beehler
Posted by Cassie (Opp-Kercheval) Walton (+39) 14 years ago
can anyone tell me how to get ahold of these two...I am an old friend of theirs and need to get in touch with either one of them... I feel so bad about their sister and I am too far away to talk to them in person. If any one has phone numbers that would really help... Thanks Cassie
Posted by angelsfy (+426) 14 years ago
according to stevensons and sons tony lives in hardin montana you can call stevenson and have the family call you back

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Posted by Samantha (+115) 14 years ago
i'm their cousin & joe still lives here in miles city. if you get this tonight and give me your number, i'll see them tomorrow & can give them your info.
Posted by pro treeman (+102) 9 years ago
joes number is 234-5333
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+760) 9 years ago
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