JibJab Has Done It Again. . .
Posted by RA (+648) 14 years ago
Here's the newest offering from JibJab.com:


guaranteed to give you a laugh!

(These are the same folks that brought us "This Land" (with George Bush and John Kerry), and "Time for Some Campaignin'" (with Barack Obama and John McCain).
Posted by Donna Kingsley Coffeen (+398) 14 years ago
Enjoyed it!
Posted by Kyle L. Varnell (+3745) 14 years ago
JibJab is as old and unfunny as one of Brian's Haikus.

They need to go away. Their time has long since come and gone.

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Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6139) 14 years ago
Kyle - NOTHING is as old and unfunny as my haikus (of which I have been sparing you - so watch it!).

You'd like JibJab more if your team didn't have such cartoonish material to parody in the first place. Your venom is misdirected, my friend.

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Posted by howdy (+4944) 14 years ago
I love Jib Jab....they are great and really clever...I also love Brian's haikus.....I hope they both keep up the good work....
Posted by Levi Forman (+3712) 14 years ago
The animation has certainly gotten more sophisticated since "this land"