New card shop
Posted by joey (+95) 13 years ago
Theres a new card shop on 7th street and it looks really cool in there.they have got tables set up to play ANY game you want.There will be display cases there on wednesday or thursday.They do sell magic the gathering packs and rares and they will buy rares from you.
they have got a pop machine and snacks in there and they will be holding magic the gathering tournaments there.But do to a fed-ex error they do not have there yugioh cards in "yet".So its a great place and i would reccomend it if you like card games.
Posted by Mike Zier (+140) 13 years ago
How about Sports Cards?
Posted by joeyh (+37) 13 years ago
No but you can play almost any kind of game. It is pretty fun there. They have pretty good prices on their stuff too. They have 4 or 5 tables with 4 chairs each there too.
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6116) 13 years ago
They make other kinds of cards besides sports cards? Who'd have thunk it?

I miss being able to collect sports cards. There just got to be too many sets sold in too many packs with too few cards for too much money.
Posted by Septimius (+62) 13 years ago
I used to collect cards.. Baseball... Fortunately... they came in handy.. got a table at a card show... sold enough to pay for our wedding... then after that... got another table at another card show... sold enough and made enough to pay for our honeymoon in Hawaii !! woot!

I had stopped collecting before all that... Kinda lost interest mainly that it got too much with all the sets and stuff etcetc...

It was worth it though.
Posted by Buck Showalter (+4457) 13 years ago
I think sports cards will outlive Japanese seizure cartoon cards.
Posted by Carol (+151) 13 years ago
Is it in the Old Smoker Friendly Store?