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Posted by Michael Gannon (+7) 19 years ago
My name is Michael Gannon and I have done some research on the Payette side of my family, my mothers.
I have Louis Payette living in "Old Town" in app 1876 as he is listed as the first postmaster for Miles City proper.
In 1909, Louis Payette Sr and Louis Payette Jr were both listed as farmers in the Polk directory.
He died in Duluth Minnesota at the home of his son, Dr. Charles Henry Payette but was buried in Miles City.
Children of Louis and Grace Payette are:
Dr. Charles Henry (married Mary Meling Pepin)
Annie Payette (married Fred Merrill)
Abigail Payette (married Charles Daly)
Rosa Payette (married Arthur Pellittier)
twins :Louis Payette Jr (married unknown/never married)
Mollie Payette (died as an infant????)
I am interested in more information regarding Louis and Grace and connecting to day with their descendants.

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Charles (Charlie) Daly was the 1/2 brother of my great-great-grandmother. I have a very old picture of him on a horse somewhere. A short biography of his life (which was written by my great-grandmother) can be found here:

Updated Link:

Here's a quote from it:

> On July 26, 1887, he [Charles Daly] was united in
> marriage to Abigail E. Payette of Miles City. Her father
> was Louis Payette Sr., first postmaster of Miles City,
> Montana. Abigail came here when she was eleven years old
> with her mother and the rest of the children on a
> steamboat up the Yellowstone River in June of 1880. Mr.
> Payette came here before his family in 1876. When the
> family came they brought the first piano to Montana.
> Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Daly: Marian
> (Mrs. Valentine Loesch), Lucille (Mrs. Robert Chesworth
> of Miles City), Frank, and Mollie (Mrs. Phil Burke of
> Miles City.)

My grandmother had "Daly's piano" in her house for as long as I can remember, although I don't know if that was the same fabled "first piano to Montana" -- I would have to ask some of the relatives to know for sure.

Another biography (which was found in Montana History, published about 1920) can be found here:

It mentions the following about Lewis Payett:

> On Jul 26, 1887, Mr. Daly was united in marriage with
> Abigail E. Payett, a daughter of Lewis Payett, who came
> to Montana in 1876, four years in advance of his family,
> and located at Miles City, which he served as
> postmaster, and he was also associated with the Diamond
> Mercantile Company of that place. Still later he engaged
> in a restaurant and confectionery business, and
> subsequently was in a retail liquor trade. His birth
> occurred at Worchester, Massachusettes, but he later
> went to St. Paul, Minnesota where he was married to
> Grace Haggarty, and still later was located at Bismark,
> North Dakota. It was from the latter point that Mrs.
> Payett brought their children to Montana, coming up the
> Yellowstone River, the trip taking 9 days, she arriving
> at her destination, Miles City, in 1880. Considering the
> difficulties of navigation it appears like a dream that
> a steamboat was able to get through. Mr. and Mrs. Payett
> had the following children: Dr. Charles, who lives in
> Dulith, Maryland; Annie, who married Fred Merrill, lives
> at Helena, Montana; Mrs. Daly, who was born April 7,
> 1868 at St. Paul, Minnesota; Mrs. Arthur Pellittier,
> Montana; Lewis and Mollie, who are twins the former of
> whom is living on the Daly ranch and the latter of whom
> is deceased, never having been married. Mr. Payett
> survives and although 77 years of age, is in possession
> of his faculties and makes his home with Mr. and Mrs.
> Daly. All his life he has voted the democratic ticket.

In regards to Abigail E. Payette, I have the following information from family history:

Born: Apr 07, 1868 in St. Paul, MN
Married: Charles Daly Jul 26, 1887 in Montana
- Marian G. Daly (F)
- Lucille L. Daly (F)
- Frank Daly (M)
- Mollie Daly (F)
- Melvin Daly (M)

In regards to her parents, I have the following from family history:

Husband: Lewis Payette
Born: Abt. 1843 in Worchester, MA
Wife: Grace Haggarty
- Abigail E. Payette (F) Born Apr 07, 1868
- Mollie Payette (F)
- Lewis Payette (M)
- Charles Payette (M)
- Annie Payette (F)
- <Unknown> Payette (F)

Hope this helps!

Regards, Larry Antram Webmaster

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FYI, you can also find more Payette history through the search function. Here is a link:

Updated Link:
Posted by Michael Gannon (+7) 19 years ago
I had previously checked with Worchester, MA vital records and they could not find any birth record for Louis.
As you see, I spell it Louis and have noticed that some places in MT have spelt it Lewis. I did find the Payette's on the 1857 territorial cencus in Minnesota and both father and son were spelt Lewis. Every other cencus, death record and newspaper clipping I have found spells it Louis.

The Mt Louis Payette was the first born of Louis Payette and Marie (Mary, Maugarite) LaFleche. Siblings include Joseph, Mary, George, Philomene, Edward and Frank.

I am from Joseph's line.

The elder Louis was born in Canada in 1808, died in Osseo Minnesota in 1890, and is buried in St Vincent DePaul cemetery.
Posted by Johnnie Lockett Thomas (+397) 19 years ago
If memory serves me correctly, there are several references to the Payettes in the local newspapers and in Father Lindesmith's diaries which are located at Catholic University, and perhaps even in his school records. In 1884 or 1885, Sister Ignatius wrote both of the positive and the negative of her students to the Mother-House in Toledo, including: "Abbie Payettee, one of the elite of our city, very kind, always comes with some kindness from her mother, not very bright..."
Johnnie Lockett Thomas
Posted by Michael Gannon (+7) 18 years ago
More information concerning the PAYETTE line.
Frank Daly (Abigail, Louis)
found in the 1920 census, living in Powder River County, School District No. 29, Stacey. Lewis Payette (uncle) was a boarder.
found in the 1930 census living in Powell County, Dear Lodge City, Cottonwood Township, District 1 at 325 Kohre(?) street with wife "Josephine", married app 9 years.

Any descendants of Frank and Josephine out there?
Posted by MT_Angel (+12) 4 years ago
Do you have more information on the Payette family? I am a great-great granddaughter of Abigail Payette (married Charles Daly).
Thank you! Angel
Posted by Webmaster (+10002) 4 years ago
Here's another biography concerning Charlie Daly & Abigail Payette-Daly, written by their daughter: