Posted by jack cotton (+5) 13 years ago
I was born and raised in MC, Grad from CCHS in 1943, after 3 years in the navy, played one year for Gordie Spear yhere at MC Juco, then played a year at Wyoming, (We were in the final four and Bob Kurland and Okie State beat us) I then went with the Nuggets, we were the first pro team in Denver, and there were no teams west of us. The Lakers were at Minneapolis, and the teams didnot want to come way out to Denverand after two years they booted us out of the league, Nuggets came back in 1976. Bob Six owned Continental Airlines (He was married to Ethyl Merman at that time) He gave us an old DC 3, and a couple pilots who had been flying with the Tigers in Indo-China. I have some fantastic stories from the original Nuggets. Miss my sec. since I have been retired.. DR. Jack Cotton
Posted by Chuck Schott (+1290) 13 years ago
Very cool Jack.

I was a huge Nuggets fan back in the mid 70's when they where in the ABA with Thompson, Issel, Towe, Webster and several others my brain fog won't let me remember. They where a 60 game winning team and won the ABA in 75-76 if I remember correctly. Alvin Adams (rookie of the year in the NBA) thanked David Thompson for being in the ABA in his acceptance speech. Thompson and Towe had the alley oop down to a fine art and that was new to us and pro ball. I believe some people credit Thompson with bring it to the pro ranks from his days at North Carolina. Thompson was the star on the team in his rookie year, man that guy could get some air. The ABA was great fun with the red white and blue ball, sexy cheerleaders, weird halftimes and of course the 3 point play which Issel hit with great regularity.

Man, I think the tickets cost us $5-6 bucks and more than once we would see the Broncos in the afternoon then catch the Nuggets that night, long beer consuming days if I remember right.

Miss that stuff the most about living in Denver.

Go nuggets.
Posted by Art (+210) 13 years ago

Minor correction. Thompson played in college at North Carolina State.