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Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 12 years ago
After many years I have learned the married name of my great aunt. Family story goes, she married, had 3 children and disappeared; her children were adopted out. Her name was Edna Moffatt and she married Herman C. Larson. around 1910. They are on the 1910 Census in Miles City. Her mother mentioned her in a letter in 1916, that Herman is fixing a house they will move into and she is not on the 1920 Census. Does anyone have any suggestions how to obtain further information? I would like to know what happened to her?
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 12 years ago
I will take a look. They might have died in the flu epidemic.
Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 11 years ago
Is there a list of the persons who died during the flu epidemic? and where would I find it? Roberta
Posted by Frank Hardy (+1486) 11 years ago
Give Cindy some time. She's amazing.

Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
Sorry, I must have lost your original inquiry.

Do you know the names of Edna's children & adoptive families or any further info? There were relatives in Miles City. Her sister Tessie Mary Jones (wife of Herbert L Jones-married MC Oct 1910) died in Miles City in 28 September 1978; her mother Mary Moffatt died in MC 17 August 1924. Her uncle James D Moffatt also lived in MC. Her great aunts Herbert Jones's sisters Mabel Emily 1882-1946 & Laura 1883-1908 also both lived/died in Miles City.

I have looked at the indexes for Custer Co cemeteries & haven't found Edna. I also haven't found Herman C Larson on a WWI draft registration- he would have had to have registered somewhere.

I did find 2 possible Hermans...
Herman Larson in 1938 Rosebud, Montana as chairman of President's Ball- an annual nationwide charity for crippled children.
Herman Larson in 1920 Malta census- single farmer born abt 1886 in Minnesota- parents born Sweden. I have to research further on that Herman....there were 8 different same age Herman Larson's in Montana during that timeframe.

In order to go forward accurately I have to go back; here is what I did find---

Edna was daughter of Delos Moffatt & Mary Kelly Moffatt. Delos son of William Henry Moffatt 1839NY-1897Iowa & Susan Hill 1841NY-1924 Floyd Co Iowa.
Delos Moffatt homesteaded March 17, 1892 160acres Pembina Co ND; Notice of Homestead Proofs- Cavalier Co-Village of Milton,ND- "The Milton Globe"-Nov 5, 1891
I lost track of Delos after he crossed border into Canada- have unconfirmed mention he died in Alberta in 1912. (He was listed below as married 12 years living in his mother Susan's household in 1900 Floyd Co Iowa.)

Montana Death Index
Custer County Miles City
Moffett, Mary age 57
died 17 August 1824

1870 & 1880 Iowa Lincoln Cerro Gordo
Moffatt household William Henry & Susan with son Delos listed (will transcribe if you don't have)

1900 Iowa Floyd Co Marble Rock Town
Moffett Susan 58 widow born New York, parents New York, 8 of 8 children born/are alive--basket maker
Delos 39 son married 12yrs born Wisconsin, parents New York--harnessmaker
Maud 22 daug single born Iowa
Edna 22 daug single born Iowa
--down several houses
Moffett Bert 28 married 7yrs born Iowa, parents New York--blacksmith
Nettie 27
Nora M 5
Delbert 9/12

1900 North Dakota Pembina Crystal City
Moffatt, Mary born Dec 1865 Canada, parents born Ireland, married 13yrs, mother 6children/6alive---laundress
Bernard Nov 1888 ND, father Wisc, mother Canada
Edna April 1891 ND, fath Wisc, moth Canada
Mary T June 1892
Ellen F Feb 1894
James D Feb 1896
John T Oct 1897
Kelly, Mary Aug 1831, 68yrs, widow, Ireland, parents born Ireland, immigration 1880, 20yrs ago
---several households away
Kelly, James Oct 1862 born Canada, parents born Ireland, married 10years, immigration 1880, 20 yrs ago---farmer
Julia Aug 1871 Canada, fath Ireland, moth Canada
Hilda July 1891
Lynden Aug 1897

Also in 1900 Fargo North Dakota
Edna Moffat listed as 8 year old school pupil at school

1910 MT Custer Miles City
Larson Herman C 27 Minnesota, father Sweden, mother England, was a mason -- houses
Edna 19 North Dak, father England, mother Canada
Fernie 3/12 Montana

1920 MT Custer Miles City
Moffatt Mary 54 rents widow immigration 1881 naturalized born Canada, parents born Ireland
James E son 24 single born ND, father Wisc, mother Canada--carman, railroad

1920 MT Custer Fort Keough
Jones, Herbert L 38 born South Dakota, fath Mass, moth Ill--animal trainer, Remount Depot
Tessie A, 26 born ND fath Wisc moth Canada
Harold L 8 MT
Laura T, 7 MT
Virginia M, 5 SD

1930 MT Custer School District 11, Dist 13 (all in same household)
McGuire, Henry E 47 Widower farmer born Minn, fath Northern Ireland, mother Minnesota---farmer
Joseph L 14 son MT, fath Minn, moth Illinois

Moffett, James D 36 single born ND, father born____, moth Canada--laborer

Jones, Tessie 37 widow born ND, fath Can, moth Can--housekeeper
Jones, David 9/12 son MT, fath ND, moth ND

Montana Death Index
Custer County
Herbert Jones
born abt 1882
died 9 March 1929

This is Herbert L Jones's mother & siblings
1900 South Dakota Lawrence Co Lower Whitewood

Jones, Josephine L Apr 1856 44yrs widow married in 1877, 6 of 6 children born are alive, born Illinois, parents born New York--she's a farmer
William son Aug 1879 born Ill, fath Mass, moth Ill--farm laborer
Mabel daug Sept 1882 SD
Laura daug Oct 1883 SD
Isabella Aug 1885 SD
Posted by jeanne m bole (+184) 11 years ago
Hi Cindy,
How do you find the Custer County Cematary List?
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
Here is a link for Custer County cemeteries that have been transcribed.

There might be others that are buried there but not listed.
Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 11 years ago
That was alot of hard work. Thank you.
The only child's name is Fernie. It is in my grandmother's memoirs that Edna disappeared and that her 2 or 3 children were adopted; she gave no names I don't know what happened to Herman. I recently found a marriage record for Edna Berle/Moffatt in Ontario, Canada, for 1923 when she married Fredrick Marton. She said she was a widow. There is also an ad that was placed in the "Independent" newspaper for Helena, Mt from Prince Rupert, BC in 1949 requesting the "where abouts of Edna Berle nee Edna Moffatt".
I also haven't been able to find Herman since the Miles City Directory in 1912. I was just wondering if he had died in the influenza outbreak in 1918?
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+591) 11 years ago
Here is notice of Mary Moffatt's death in Billings Gazette Aug 26, 1924. It only mentions one living daughter who would have been Tessie Jones. The Edna whereabouts notice in the Helena paper is intriguing though. I have been looking over the flu deaths that were published in the North Dakota papers- also covered Wibaux & Miles City- nothing yet. Montana was overwhelmed by flu deaths. I'm not aware of a list for Custer County. I still have to look forward & back on the Herman Larson that was in 1920 Malta census.

Billings Gazette August 26, 1924
Miles Matron Dies
Mile City Aug 20-
Mrs. Mary Moffatt,58, a resident of Miles City for several years, died here Sunday. A sister lives in North Dakota and son & daughter in Miles City.

It may be benefical to contact the Clerk & Recorder and ask about death certificates for Edna & Herman. If they died with any minor children, there will also be a court record regarding guardianship.
Custer County Clerk / Recorder
1010 Main St., Miles City, MT 59301
Phone (406) 346-7318
Posted by roberta campbell (+53) 11 years ago
Thank you for all the information!!
Posted by CK (+844) 11 years ago
Contact Carilee Sleight...she has access to a huge family history search resource. 234-7192.

Good luck!