Another tragedy in Miles City
Posted by Kacey (+3159) 12 years ago
Prayers to the family and friends and teachers....everyone who is experiencing this horrible loss.


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Posted by Ryan (+477) 12 years ago
My heart goes out to the family also. I have a son and daughter around that age who knew him and are saddened by the loss.
Posted by T Brown (+478) 12 years ago
God Bless to this Miles City Family. God Be with you at this very sad time.
Posted by M G (+194) 12 years ago
Around 15 years ago the fire chief, Lenny Smith, commonly referred to the time span between the prom and graduation as "dying time". Suicide and alcohol related accidents claimed at least one young life per year. It seems that that time span is broadening and the numbers are increasing. It's sad and scary. I imagine that most people feel as helpless and apprehensive as I do.
My heart goes out to the families touched by this and other recent losses.
Posted by Kari (+111) 12 years ago
Thoughts and prayers go out to the Henderson Family. They lived right around the corner from my parents and Jase used to always come over to shoot hoops with me and my nephue when he was about 9 or 10.
Posted by Cynthia A. (+197) 12 years ago
praying for this family. our hearts go out to them....
Posted by Brian A. Reed (+6014) 12 years ago
Horrible news.
Posted by joey (+99) 12 years ago
i dont know what to say besides my heart and prayers go out to them.this king of loss is a loss that no one shuld have to deal with.
even more so if you know them. rest in peace old freind....